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    What are you agency's terms and conditions?

    This is quite principal and helps keep away problems further during project time. We try to provide a rightful and reasonable service which includes:

    There are no hidden costs – we provide a proposal that highlights all costs involved for the work specified.
    We provide 2 hours free training (if need)
    You are the owner of the source code and are free to move your site anywhere you choose
    We can offer a negotiable payment plans that to suit your cash flow
    We can offer suitable service and support packages

    We are promised to maintain our all the terms and condition.

    Do you deal with small businesses too?

    Yes, we have some special offer from start-ups to large companies who want to get some best stuff. We are working all sizes of clients for among small and big, agency or company.

    What are the payment terms for the design and development of my website?

    Our payment terms are as much as considerable that you need. We are offering 2 milestones for any big amount project, but after starting the first week of the project we take an upfront that makes stronger our partnership.

    Are there any other costs for my website?

    We don’t charge any extra cost excluded our agreement.

    Do I have to meet you in person in order to do business with you?

    Yes, You have. We are very social with you. You are most welcome at our office and the coffee is ready to serve you.

    Will my new website be there in search results on popular search engines immediately after the launch?

    No. We make it friendly for search engine & can implement the on page technical issues as per your need. Our Search Engine Marketing team is ready to take your website in search engine results pages on popular search engines.


    What experience do you have?

    We have experience of a wide range of business areas up to bottom. We are almost 5+ years experience of individually all of our birds throughout globally. Our technical hero has already successfully done 99+ projects. None of us has completed less than 50+ projects successfully in our time.

    How long does it take to build a website?

    It depends on your requirements. If you need a less than 10 pages website normally we will take less than 1 month for PSD Design + HTML Slicing + Develop + Test + Deploy. We need about 2 weeks to develop a WordPress website if you provide PSD Design. If you have a very urgent project? Please contact us here!

    If I decide that I don't want to update my own website, can Digital Virtue do it for me?

    Yes, we can! We will offer you with a range of Maintenance Plans suitable for both your business and budget requirements, so that you can be sure your website will display a new fresh and clean look, with the most up-to-date content on your site.

    Do I need to purchase my own website domain name?

    Yes, you need!. We don’t have any service purchasing website domain name. We can suggest or help you to select a best domain selling provider.

    What if I already have my own domain name?

    It’s very simple. If you already have a domain name registered and you actually want to build a website in the domain, we just transfer your domain name to your new Digital Virtue website completely free-of-charge. You don’t need to buy another domain then.

    What happens to the final code of my project, if I choose to use another web provider?

    Once your project is completed, we will deploy the final code at your server. We will test and we will confirm. If you want we can supply a copy of the final code and graphics files used for your project on CD/Email.
    Anyway you are free to choose any company to work on this project.

    If I decide on an eCommerce website, can you explain to me what a merchant account is?

    That’s simple, a merchant account is the bank account that will manage all of your payments and transfer all of those monetary transactions, which take place through your website. If you have decided upon having an eCommerce site, you will need to set up a merchant account with a provider.

    Internet Marketing

    What experience do you have?

    With 5+ years experience, our Internet Marketing Team can boost up your business undoubtedly. We have extremely experienced with 50+ successfully completed projects.

    How long does it take to rank a website on top of major search engines?

    It’s quite impossible to say the exact website ranking duration, but we can rank a low competitive website from 1 to 2 months. Our SEO flock works to boost up your business through search engine. We are able to make your business growth 300% incredibly.

    How does Email Marketing (Direct Marketing) help to sell my business?

    Email Marketing (Direct Marketing) can reach customers directly that’s why it has more opportunities for selling. Our killer email marketing strategy is able to push up all the letters in inbox folder and attract customer psychologically for buying the products.

    Direct Marketing Association (DMA) says spamming is okay?

    The USA’s Direct Marketing Association wrongly advises DMA members that the sending of unsolicited bulk email (AKA spam) is an ‘acceptable marketing practice’.

    Any Important Documents for Email Marketing Firms to read?

    Yes. All firms engaged in marketing via email should read the following documents:

    The Definition of “Spam”

    Responsible Mailing Lists -vs- Spam Lists

    Permission Pass – How to rescue your mailing list

    What is the right way to send bulk e-mail? FAQs#214

    “Role Accounts” & “Feedback Loops” Spam Issues#119

    Email Marketing Best Practice Document
    MAAWG Sender Best Communications Practices

    What's the difference between Pay Per Click and Organic Search Engine Optimization?

    Pay Per Click positions are paid ads located on the right, bottom or side of a Search Engine Result Page; whereas, Organic positions are natural or non-paid results. Organic listings gain positions from Search Engine Optimization techniques including optimized Website content and link building. If you want to instant return, you should go for PPC.

    How to calculate marketing ROI?

    If you’re not sure how to calculate your profit, here are two more formulas:

    Gross Profit = Gross Revenue – Cost of Goods Sold [here’s an article that shows you how to calculate COGS]
    Gross Profit = Gross Revenue * Profit Margin (the % of your revenue that is actually profit)